This Island

fair season too brief and current too swift
that happen on these shores
the tern fails to light upon perch
flurried afar to another
despite no respite for its beaten wings
but the gale will not have him there

although from a distance, the heights emerging
from an encompassing blue appears amiable haven
for the long-suffering in need of solace
but closer approach reveals the jagged precipice
where angry torrent and rugged keep
wage everlasting war

their inscrutable and turbulent strife
portend no tenable harbor for
any erstwhile Argonaut

it is said, inland has treasure abundant.
if you land safely upon shore,
it is yours for the taking
riches the likes of which your heart
has yearned
that will forever keep you

alas all who approach have
feared the surf’s fury and hastened
away at its first frenzied vortex

confounded by volatile eddies,
resolve dispels
with the seething foam
and soon they’re off
to safer claims

many a mariner’s tale recounts
passing in the night,
a distant lonesome howl
emanates from inland
as though
desperate for release

the very might
that expels the seeker
imprisons the sought



Written by Scott Schoffstall
© July 10, 2011
all rights reserved
Poetic Sojourn


About Scott Schoffstall

I'm a relatively new poet having started in earnest 11/2010. I have sought the authentic and am still on that quest. I've diverged from the norm yet always reached for the universal. My interests were always beyond the here and now. Beyond the taste, touch, smell, hear, see. Where the mind and the spirit transcend the physical. They say perception is reality. Is it? Are we truly all there is?

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